Marketing Solutions


MTG & GRG is a one-stop marketing agency that specializes in developing simple and robust user interfaces for start-ups and global corporate founders.


We get you to connect with your audience

We establish lifelong strong relationships by creating experiences that speak to the heart.

Web Development

We create fully customized websites and integrated ecommerce platforms that generate sales effortlessly and effectively.

Pay Per Click

We develop customized PPC campaigns that meet your demands at every stage of the process.


We create and execute local SEO strategies to keep your business at the forefront and ensure that potential clients in that area can find your website.

Social Media Management

We create holistic social media marketing and management solutions that ensures outcomes, reaches digital objectives, and exceeds your social media goals.

How will it help me?


View our collection of case studies to discover more about how we assist clients in tackling challenges, creating personalized solutions, and achieving long-term success.

Facebook Case Study

We reduce the cost to $40 per lead during the first 30 days of executing our highly optimized Facebook campaign, saving 75% on lead costs and 286% on traffic costs. With our successful Facebook Ads audit, we drove in 27,824 more visitors to the website

Google Case Study

We run a Google Ads campaign for a struggling client who owns a local dog daycare and training center. We were able to get her a steady stream of qualified leads with the conversion rate of 15% for $43 per lead.

SEO Case Study

For a struggling client who runs a home building company, we launched a highly optimized SEO strategy to start generating organic traffic and leads from their website. With 33 keywords ranking on page 1, MTG and GRG were able to successfully drive 750+ new website traffic and a position on the first page of local Google map searches.



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Distinctive Strategy

When MTG & GRG begin a new collaboration, we put the company’s objectives first. There isn’t a model that works for all businesses including all requirements.


We think the greatest way for us to build lasting relationships and provide the finest service by offering our clients the best marketing tools and methods.

Excellence and Innovation

Due to our team’s dedication to innovation and originality, we can be your trump card in terms of web development and digital marketing. Since our clients are our most valuable assets, we make sure to exceed their expectations at every turn.

Approach-based marketing

MTG & GRG not only manages your accounts. We offer a full-funnel marketing plan using the best tools and services to help you overcome your major obstacles and accomplish your objectives.


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