➢ If you decide to stop using our services within five days of making a payment, you will receive a full refund.
➢ After the first five days, if you wish to quit our services, you will be charged a sum equal to the number of working hours put into the project. Within 45 days after cancellation, the remaining amount will be credited to the account you used to make the original payment.
➢ If cancellations are made after the beginning of the billing cycle, the clients will be required to pay a sum equal to the number of credit hours spent on the project during that month.
➢ Even if you signed up for our services but never used them, you still have to pay us.
➢ Within 45 days of the service being canceled, the amount of the refund will be credited to the original payment account.
➢ Any service renewal should be canceled 10 days before the beginning of the subsequent billing cycle.

SEO Return Policy

Under the following conditions, MTG & GRG will not be responsible for a refund or assurance of top search ranking:

If the search engine’s ranking policies, algorithm or functionality change and have an impact on SEO ranking.


The data you give us is used to carry out link building, a component of SEO. If you provide inaccurate URLs, we are not liable for any subsequent problems, and there are no refunds or cash- back guarantees.

If the client uses any other SEO services from a third party, we won’t be held liable for the outcomes.

An immediate change in the search ranking cannot be guaranteed because the frequency and position of a website’s appearance on the search list fluctuate.

Any negative impact on ranking brought on by the client’s or their contracted third party service provider’s alterations to the website’s content.

The aforementioned refund and cancellation policies are subject to change at any time, without prior notice, by MTG & GRG.