Are you trying to find the top social media sites for your business so you can optimize your marketing plan and maximize your return on investment?

It’s crucial to take into account the greatest social networking sites for businesses. Through social media, you may interact with customers in a tailored and economical way. Utilizing the best platform for your target market can increase your sales and recognition, taking your company to a new level. But which of the more than 65 social media sites in use would provide you with the best value for your business?

We’re going to address to that question today. We will share the top 3 social media channels for business. However, before that we will see why investing in social media is so important for your business.

59% of the world’s total population has at least one social profile, and over half of it have two or even more.

Therefore, you will increase awareness of the brand regardless of the social media platform in which you choose to invest. You’ll have a strong chance of connecting with prospects you might not have otherwise!

For instance, Facebook has helped 70% of B2C companies grow their consumer base.

Pinterest is used to research or execute purchases by 93% of users.

And more than 83% of Instagram users have used the platform to make an online purchase.

Depending on the following factors, each business will have a different preferred social media platform to use:

Provided goods or services, target audiences, and platform capacity

Each social media network is tailored for specific tasks, types of content and demographics, just like any business. We’ll discuss the top 3 social networking sites for business in this context.


Total users: 2.9 billion

The fact that Facebook is at the top among our ranking of the best social networking sites for businesses shouldn’t come as much of a wonder. It is the most well-known social media network around the world, and anyone with Internet connection may be found there. It’s therefore not surprising that it has evolved into one of the greatest methods for finding your potential customers and, therefore, it is a top social media platform for businesses. Whatever your company’s objective is either to get more leads, brand exposure, website traffic, or online conversions,

If Facebook is used effectively, it should significantly help you achieve that goal. The fact that Facebook’s advertising tool is clearly the most evolved of all the social media platforms and offers you the benefit of precise targeting.  You may target people on Facebook based on their age, gender, employment, interests, buying habits, relationship status, and a tonne of other factors. Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a community out of your consumer base because of its enormous popularity. By setting up a basic Facebook profile, you may publish information about your company’s internal dynamics, special offers on your services, and much more.

Once you’ve had their attention, it’s also an excellent platform to communicate with them. Many businesses decide to set up private groups where existing customers may join, participate, ask questions, and get a more tailored marketing experience.

Facebook is a tool that practically any business can use. There are only two situations in which we recommend a different site over Facebook.

  1. The first is whether your business is restricted from using Facebook advertising due to Facebook’s ad policies.
  1. The second is not having a budget for social media because paid advertisements may get costly and time-consuming.

Not to forget, patience! If you have that with a good chunk of money to invest in Ads. Facebook is for you.


Total users: 1 billion

Instagram is ranked second on our list of social media networks for businesses, closely following Facebook in popularity.

Instagram’s primary purpose hasn’t changed from when it first launched: photo sharing. Yet, it has broadened a lot to include videos in a feature named “stories” and is now “reels” too.  Instagram has thus developed into a wonderful platform for businesses to actually SHOW instead of just TELL about their services and products, values and personality. With a majority of its users under 25, Instagram is one of the newest social media platforms around. It is therefore the ideal social network for businesses or brands that appeal the young, modern clientele. On Instagram, pictures and reels with minimal text perform incredibly great.

Mostly big cities have a larger Instagram following, therefore businesses that deal in fashion or digital technology will typically perform better than those that specialized in agribusiness or architecture. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed even if your business isn’t that hip and popular; all you need is a little more creativity on Instagram. A digital marketing or more specifically a social media marketing agency can help absolutely you with that!

Instagram has access to the same customer base and ad network as the Facebook App as Zuckerberg owns both. Therefore, Instagram offers all of the same commercial features as Facebook, but it also offers a unique set of “organic” features. When we use the phrase “organic,” we set of marketing actions you can take or outcomes you can have without investing for them specifically.

To improve the reach of your page and posts on Facebook and to gain more followers, you need to spend for advertising campaigns. However, you may naturally increase your Instagram following, which will increase the reach of your profile and posts.  Because of this, Instagram is a perfect choice for companies even without a marketing budget.

On Instagram, influencers set the agenda for the industry, discover new grounds, and detour from route which is already established. The time has come for your business to engage, try something original, and create the story you want to share about your brand. You can use reels to tell your brand story, ask questions sticker in stories to initiate a discussion with customers, tag brands and people in your content to make it much easier to shop in the instant.


Total users: 229 million (annual)

Twitter has had a great marketing model from the start: offers everyone a say while cutting the level of “crap.” Every day, businesses, politicians, celebrities, influencers, and even leaders use Twitter to communicate their stances, news products, and funny stories. Therefore, it comes third on our list.

Every brand in the world has an account to update its clients, and it receives millions of active users each month. This business-focused social network may not have the same widespread user base as Facebook, but it is undoubtedly one of the most open networks in the world.

PROS & CONS of Twitter


The flexibility for using Twitter with other social networks, sites, and emails is perhaps its most compelling feature. Since Twitter is more passive than the majority of other social media platforms, it can be utilized to direct traffic from Twitter to platforms like Instagram that are more proactive. Not only that,  Twitter for customer service increases its value even more.. People frequently use Twitter to reach out to brands with queries or complaints rather than waiting for an email or message reply.

The gender split on Twitter is approximately equally distributed between men and women. Additionally, Twitter is the top option for several sectors, such as technology, with 44% compared to Facebook’s 31%.


With so many benefits, we are not saying that Twitter is perfect. A tweet can easily be overlooked because there are dozens of tweets roll every day. That somewhat contradicts the point of informing your followers about something essential. Moreover, there are fears of spam and the 280 character restriction for tweets. Since you have to think of attention-grabbing headlines and description to get consumers in, that might be a pain.


At MTG & GRG, we have a team of social media experts who are skilled on how to optimize the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. We strive to stay on top of the newest social media marketing trends and best practises to deliver the outcomes you desire.

Follow the advice given by our experts in the blog above, pick the social media accounts we’ve listed in this post, and let us handle managing them. We ensure that your business will show unprecedented growth! Are you willing to expand your consumer base using these three top business-friendly social media sites? Communicate with us right away to devise a strategy tailored for your business!